Double Platinum

Double Platinum

Starring: Diana Ross, Brandy, Christine Ebersole, Allen Payne,
Brian Stokes Mitchell with Harvey Fierstein
Director: Robert Allen Ackerman

Legendary recording artist and Oscar Nominee Diana Ross stars with multi-platinum Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Brandy in this compelling story of a mother driven to reach the heights of superstardom at the cost of abandoning her only child. The film sparkles with tour de force vocal performances by both of its stars, including the exclusive duet "Love Is All That Matters."

After nearly two decades away from home and riding the waves of fame, Olivia (Diana Ross) returns to find her daughter Kayla (Brandy) and to reveal herself as the mother she never knew. With well-placed contacts and a desire to make right a wronged past, Olivia helps Kayla realize her own dream of singing stardom. But their fragile mother-daughter bond it tested when Kayla's dreams of stardom become reality. Together, they will discover that love is more powerful than ambition and family more important than fame.

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