Down South Players

Down South Players

Too Real for TV presents a film by Maroy

A Raw and Uncut look into the black Southern lifestyle of Generation X.

Featuring: Bun-B, Andree 3000, Lil Flip/Lil John David Banner
and more players from all over the South

This film is not about rap music or Hip Hop. This film is about the southern black culture of Generation X. The culture, the behavior patterns and beliefs expressed in a certain community. Beliefs such as 1. Be seen by any means, 2. If you got it show it. 3. Always represent where you from. 4. If you want it hustle for it and go get it. 5 Pimping ain't dead. 6. Last but not least, you don't have to be a rap superstar with a major record deal to live like one. So if you have ever "sipped on that purple" wonder why "them girls are thicker in the south" don't understand "how they gettin money down in the dirty or seen the "breathtaking art of pimping in the south"; filmmaker Micheal Maroy takes you on another journey, this time throughout the southern states to bring you another film that is Too Real For TV.

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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