Exposed DVD: At the Feet of the Grandmasters

Exposed DVD: At the Feet of the Grandmasters


This film takes the exposed DVD to the next level (Knowledge of Self). Highlighted in this edition (AT THE FEET OF THE GRANDMASTERS) the elders Dr. John H. Clarke & Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan tells it straight with no chaser. Learn how the good books (The Bible, Quran &Torah) took true facts from Egypt (Kemet) & falsely twisted it for its own. After seeing this I wanted to know more, more and more. Is Kain and Abel really Osiris & Seth. Where did the true immaculate come from (Mary & Jesus) or (Osiris and Horus). Mason are taught falsely from the Europeans that Solomon was the father of free masonry when it was Imhotep 1,785 years before Solomon who made the 1st pyramid made from stone. We must know our true history.

Price: $14.99

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