Exposed DVD -  The God In Me

Exposed DVD - The God In Me

Featuring: Mary Mary

They Sold Their Soul

The disturbing message and breakdown of this song

This DVD exposes the gospel group Mary Mary's song The God In Me. This song is has been dissected line for line. This song is not the gospel, this song breaks the first commandments and also promotes vanity, materialism and self worship of man. This DVD and the 1st Exposed DVD [Jay-Z Hip Hop Master Mason goes into biblical scriptures to back up the narrator's claims.

"God In Me is about anybody that you see that's doing it big and killing."

Mary Mary

"If you don't have that God factor it's not rocking, you're not happening."

Mary Mary

So that means all these artists that don't follow Christ but have big record sales and make millions and are doing big things (they have the God factor)?

The devil understands the influencing power of music. He knows music has the ability of reaching and controlling the behavior, attitudes and thought patterns of children faster than a Bible message can.

Even young adults are heavily influenced by music that cause them to act a certain their to act a certain way. I'm in no way saying that all music created by sinners are evil. I'm talking about music you know that will influence people to sin. - Narrator

Price: $14.99

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