Gang Related

Gang Related

Starring: Tupac Shakur, James Belushi,
Lela Rochon, Dennis Quaid
Director: Jim Kouf

Two killers are hiding where no one will ever find them...behind their badges! Tupac Shakur (in his final and most riveting performance) and James Belushi are two corrupt police detectives caught in a dangerous web of deceit in this no-holds-barred action thriller. Detectives Divinci (Belushi) and Rodriguez (Shakur) practice their own deadly brand of street justice: they set up drug deals, seize the money for themselves and then murder the dealers. It's a lucrative racket that has worked without a hitch for months. But when they discover that their latest victim was an undercover officer with the Drug Enforcement Agency, the two corrupt cops are forced to initiate a dangerous scheme to save their own lives. And as their "foolproof" plan begins to spin madly out of control, Divinci and Rodriguez are trapped in a tornado of suspicion, betrayal and murder in which they can trust no one... not even each other.

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