Gangster Party

Gangster Party

Starring: Ryan Combs, Eddie Smith, Daniel W. Sielski, Tony Pacheco, Jonnie Diarenzo, Norma Rubio, Rob Tepper, Earl Johnson, jr., Alicia Horton, C.T. Fletcher
Director: Ryan Combs

When a drug lord by the name of Herman Delgato starts killing his underbosses for an attempted mutiny of his organization, he is spotted by a witness and arrested. The government assigns a witness protection specialist to the case but Herman Delgato has other plans for the witness. Through his contacts he hires three of organized organized crimes' most notorious hit men - an ex-Compton Crip, an ex-West Side Blood and an ex-member of one of East L.A.'s most vicious Latin gangs. Any one of these three men "alone" equals sure death, but together they are a precise and effective killing machine. In the underworld of organized crime there is a code name when three ex-gang members do a hit together. It's called - a Gangster Party.

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