Hell Up In Harlem

Hell Up In Harlem

Starring: Fred Williamson, Julius W. Harris

Director: Larry Cohen

Fred Williamson (Original Gangstas ) is Tommy Gibbs, a fearless, bulletproof tough guy who blasts his way from the gutter to become the ultimate soul brother boss. When he steals a ledger with the name of every crooked cop and official on the mob's payroll, he becomes the most hunted man in the city. Enlisting the aid of his father and an army of Harlem Hoods, Gibbs goes from defense to offense, launching a deadly attack on the way from Harlem to the Caribbean, climaxing in one of the hottest turf war shoot-out in Hollywood history.

Available on Video and DVD

Price: $11.99 [VHS] $14.99 [DVD]

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