Hood Angels

Hood Angels

Starring: Juvenile, Kenia Brown, Allison Nurse, Kita Sha, Armont Casale, Skip
Director: Paul Wynne

Traci, Felicia and Cinnamon are street smart beauties who get framed for felonies they didn't commit. Trapped in the lock-up, their luck takes a turn for the better when they are approached by attorney Larry Abrahams, who agrees to take their case and get their charges dropped - if the ladies investigate the murder of his friend and popular rap artist, Nitro Jones (played by multi-platinum rap artist Juvenile). The ladies go undercover at Nitro's label, Insynchro Records, and ferret out clues about Nitro's murder. Following their leads, the avenging angels evade deadly traps set by the villians and use their martial arts skills to avenge Nitro's death.

The lethal ladies uncover a scandal that rocks the rap world to the core - murder for a number one hit record. When you need the law - call a cop. When you need justice - call the Hood Angels.

Price: $14.99 [DVD only]

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