Hustle and Heat

Hustle and Heat

Starring: Duane Martin, Vivica A. Fox, Meagan Good,
Micheal "Bear" Taliferro, Jadakiss
Director: Craig Ross, jr.

A sexy and stylish thriller set to a hip-hop beat, Hustle and Heat tells the story of of private investigator "Rad" McCrae (Deliver Us From Eva's Duane Martin) and his munitions expert partner Lisa (Kill Bill's Vivica A. Fox) as they try to find the killer of Rad's boyhood friend Benjamin (rap sensation Jadakiss), a promising rapper who the police say committed suicide.

Upon meeting Benji's late wife, the intriguing Venus (Biker Boyz's Meagan Good), Rad is convinced his friend has been murdered and promises to find the killer and avange Benji's death. As Rad and Lisa's investigation takes them through the hip-hop music scence, confronting various record-label owners, attorneys, rappers and video directors, they eventually take on maga-powerful record exec B. Free (Half Past Dead's Micheal Taliferro). Within his organization, they discover a web of drug dealing and violence that may have lead to Benji's demise.

Price: $19.99 [DVD]

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