I Got The Hook Up

I Got The Hook-Up

Starring: Master P, A.J Johnson,
Gretchen Palmer, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr.
Director: Michael Martin

This outrageously out-of-control comedy adventure teams chart-busting hip-hop sensation Master P with the hilarious A.J. Johnson ( B.A.P.S., House Party). They're a pair of small-time hucksters who go mobile - upwardly mobile - when they turn a scammed truckload of cellular phones into more money and beautiful, sexy girls than they ever thought possible! But when this booming bootleg business gets its wires crossed, angry customers, mad-as-hell crooks and the ever-so-clumsy FBI are all out to have these offbeat operators permanently disconnected! Also starring John Witherspoon (Sprung, Ride, Boomerang) and Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr. ( Friday) plus special appearances by Ice Cube and Snoop Doggy Dogg.

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Price: $11.99 [VHS] $19.99 [DVD]

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