Ice Grill

Ice Grill

Starring: Travis Johnson, Jay Parris, Johnny Kitt,
Crystal Hyman, Hope Harris, Jane Blaze
Director: John Stu

Psyco Si and Bronco are the Ice Grill Bandits, the most high profile diamond theives in the business. They live by their motto of "Money, Guns and Women" and score every chance they get. Their latest string of robberies land them the attention of the media and Twain Bogard, one of New York's biggest crime heads. Bogard offers Si and Bronco a deal where they give him half, he'll let them in on the biggest heist of the century. The Ice Grill Bandits heartily take the job, secretly planning on taking the whole thing themselves. When the deal goes down, and Bogard discovers their deception, he sets out to have them erased.

Now, to get the cash, the Bandits have to unload the ice, but when they discover all the dealers work for Bogard, they realize the cash ain't coming and their lives become an all-out battle to escape his reach.

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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