Imitation Of Life - Two Movie Special Edition

Imitation Of Life - Two Movie Special Edition

Starring: 1934 - Claudette Colbert , Louise Beavers, Warren William, Alan Hale, Ned Sparks, Rochelle Hudson, Henry Armetta
1959 - Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, Sandra Dee, John Gavin, Dan O'Herlihy, Susan Kohner, Robert Alda,
Director: 1934 - John M. Stahl
1959 - Douglas Sirk

Imitation Of Life (1934, 111 min)
In this Academy Award-nominated Best Picture, Claudette Colbert and Louise Beavers are superb as two women with young daughters who build a fortune together. But success doesn't save them from sorrow with the passing years.

Delilah's light-skinned teenager rejects her mother and her race, while Bea must choose between the man she loves and the daughter who loves him, too. Now all of them will pay the price of love in this spellbinding classic.

Imitation Of Life (1959, 125 min)
Lana Turner heads the outstanding cast with Juanita Moore in the second screen version of this emotionally-charged story about two widows and their troubled daughters.

Lora's search for success causes her to neglect her daughter, while Annie's daughter rejects her culture by trying to pass for white. As the years pass, each of the four women realizes that she has been living out an emotionally troubled existence.

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