Starring: Maia Campbell, Casey Lee
Stacy Jae Johnson, Stevie J, Rick Fitts
Director: Karl P. Epps II

Kin-Folks is a fun filled comedy-drama that takes a humorous look at one South Central clan from the eyes of the youngest son Sean Green, played by Casey Lee. Sean is a struggling rapper who doesn't want to invite his girlfriend Lissa (Maia Campbell) over for Christmas because he's embarrassed by a family that makes the Klumps (Nutty Professor) look like the Ingles. His fouled mouthed sister Nikki (Stacy Jae Johnson) is 26, has four kids and one more on the way. His brother James (Stevie J) is a former football star with a big secret to tell and his oldest brother Raymond (Rick Fitts) is a banker who has no clue how to raise his own son.

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Price: $11.99

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