Starring: Jasmine Guy, Giancarlo Esposito
Cedella Marley
Director: Bill Parker

Hard-edged and erotic, and as full of suspenseful intrigue as the best film noir, Klash tells the story of a world-weary photographer who falls into the clutches of a beautiful dancehall girl and a world of crime, deceit and murder. Stoney (Giancarlo Esposito-"Homicide", Do The Right Thing) comes to Jamaica to photograph the Klash, an electrifying battle of the world's best reggae and dancehall bands.

His ex-lover Blossom (Jasmine Guy-"A Different World") is a sexy star of the dancehalls and the mistress of gang kingpin Mr. Lee. Every criminal in Kingston has their eye on the box office receipts from the Klash-including Mr. Lee, and his own thugs, who plan to doublecross him and steal the money from under his nose. Meanwhile, Stoney and Blossom's old chemistry ignites and soon Stoney finds himself entrenched in Blossom's plan to steal the cash for herself and to escape Kingston forever. The stakes become dizzyingly, high as there is never honor amongst thieves, and the police, lead by Lieutenant Loveless (Cedella Marley), are quickly closing in.

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