Lean On Me

Lean On Me

Starring: Morgan Freeman, Beverly Todd,
Robert Guillaume
Director: John G. Avildsen

Lean on Me is the rousing, fact based story of high school principal Joe Clark, who armed himself with a bullhorn and a Louisville Slugger and slammed the door on losers at Eastside High in Paterson, New Jersey. Brought in as last hope to save the school, he chained the doors shut to keep troublemakers out and strivers in. Parents fought him. Teachers fought him. But lots of kids loved him. Clark turned Eastside around, becoming a national symbol of tough love education and appearing on the cover of Time. Morgan Freeman (Street Smart, Clean and Sober, Driving Miss Daisy) electrifies as the hard-nosed and controversial educator Joe Clark. On the other side of the camera an Academy Award winning director John G. Avildsen, a proven master of dynamic, action filled audience pleasers with his Rocky, The Karate Kid films and now Lean On Me. "If you students don't succeed in life," says Clark, "I want you to blame yourselves." His message is simple: Don't lean on excuses. Don't lean on drugs, crime or anger. Lean On Me... and learn.

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