The Come Up - Street Massacre Edition Pt2

The Liberation of L.B. Jones

Some of his best friends were black, some of her best friends were white.

A story of Southern Hospitality...

Justice runs red in the deep South in this powreful drama. Steve Mundine (Lee Majors) is a young lawyer who, shortly after marrying his sweetheart Nella, takes a position with a law firm in a small Southern town, run by his uncle Oman Hedgepath (Lee J. Cobb). L.B. Jones (Roscoe Lee Browne) is a well -to-do African-American funeral director who comes to Hedgepath's firm in search of legal representation. Jones wishes to divorce his wife Emma (Lola Falana), but his grounds make the case a hot potato -- Jones has learned Emma has been having an affair with Wilie Joe Worth (Anthony Zerbe), a white police officer who is the father of Emma's unborn child. Worht does not want his affair dragged into a court of law, so he and his fellow officer Stanley Bumpas (Arch Johnson) violently take matters inot his own hands. The last feature film from legendary Holloywood director William Wyler, The Liberation of L.B. Jones was based on a novel by Jesse Hill Ford.

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