Littles presents Streetly Business

Littles presents Streetly Business

Starring: Glasses Malone, Huey, Maino

Executive Producer:

With Nelly on vacation, St. Lunatics still out fishing, Chinky still one hit away, Memphitz introduces: Huey, St. Louis' New General rated one of the top 3 artist to check for in 2009, Coast to coast. Huey controlled the Billboard charts last year with his smash single "Pop Lock And Drop It". Destined for commercial success, this DVD is a key to the door that opens up rapper Huey's life, up-bringing and his struggles before landing his record deal with Memphitz, CEO of Hitz Committee/Jive Records. His new album set to release in '09, is said to be packed with features from some of the biggest names in the business.

This DVD brings you the top 3 draft picks. Maino, raised in Brooklyn, New York, served 10 years in a state penitentiary, but came home with a dream to tell his life story through music. With the loss of B.I.G. and countdown of Nas and Jay-Z's future retirement, Maino is the face of the East Coast's future and now has to fill big shoes, along with New York City's dead weight on his back.

Glasses Malone
Eazy-E, served the whole world with Gangster Rap and put California on the map when he brought us all songs like, "Fuck the Police". As for West Coast commercial success, we heard from Snoop, Dre and meet Glasses Malone, newest member of Cash Money$ Records, Glasses is set to carry the West Coast. Glassess grew up around gang banging, drugs and violence, but in his hood he's like Labron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers...their only hope and future. Finally we will get to see the real West in the flesh as Glasses walks you through the inner circles of Watts.

Price: $14.99 [DVD]

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