Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

Starring: Leland Jones, Tiana Jackson, Trinita Turner, Ki Toy Johnson
Director: Ray Culpepper

The Naked Truth is a sizzling hot and seductively revealing look into the behind-the-scenes scandals at the G-Spot, a fictitious but true to life Atlanta strip club. It tells the story of three shake-dancers, Cream [Trinita Turner], Cat [Tiana Jackson], and Belinda [Outkast dancer Ki Toy Johnson], who are subjected to shame, humiliation and even danger in exchange for a quick buck.

While the sleaziness of the G-Spot may be shocking to some, it's just another day at the office for Salem [Leland Jones, The Locket, Losing Grace, Domestic Disturbance], its shrewd, self-serving proprietor. He's got a vice cop on his payroll, a "for rent" sign on Cream, and a special friend who makes unwanted people go away - permanently.

The three dancers soon find themselves faced with thwe dilemma of abandoning their dreams of a better life for the quick cash that could make those dreams come true. This on-the-money urban thriller captures the bare essence of the seedy, underground world that is adult entertainment in the Dirty South.

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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