Next Friday

Next Friday

Starring: Mike Epps, John Witherspoon,
Tamala Jones, Tommy "Tiny" Lister,Jr.
Director: Steve Carr

Get ready to kick it again with Ice Cube (Three Kings, The Players Club) as he moves to the burbs in this outrageous sequel! Last Friday, Craig (Cube) kicked Deebo's (Tiny Lister, Jr., The Fifth Element) butt. Now Deebo is out for revenge, so Craig's dad smuggles him out of the hood and into the burbs to stay with his sex-crazed Uncle Elroy and cousin Day-Day. But between Day-Day's crazy ex-girlfriend, the gun-toting homies next door and a rumble with a record store owner, Craig is gonna wish he's back in South Central where it's safe! With a red-hot soundtrack featuring Ice Cube, Lil' Zane, Wyclef Jean and the much-anticipated NWA reunion, this laugh riot will have you screeching from start to finish!

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Price: $14.95 [VHS] $24.99 [DVD]

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