Norman is That You

Norman is That You

Starring: Redd Foxx, Pearl Bailey

Director: George Schlatter

Foxx is Ben Chambers, an Arizona storeowner who travels to L.A. seeking solace from his son Norman, after his wife Beatrice (Bailey) runs off with his brother to Mexico. Trouble is, Ben discovers that Norman has a boyfriend of his own! Far from comforted, Ben tries everything to "straighten" out his son, from running off his honky, hunky housemate to arranging a run in with a sexy Sunset stripper. But the hilarity is only beginning because when Beatrice arrives, it's anybody's guess who'll hit the sheets - or if the sheets will just hit the fan! Foxx is a rare treat and Bailey a delight to see in this cool and campy farce which also features Dennis Dugan, Wayland Flowers and Madam "Solid Gold".

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Price: $14.95

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