Penitentiary 2

Penitentiary 2

Starring: Leon Issac Kennedy, Eugenia Wright,
Glynn Turman, Mr. T
Director: Jamaa Fanaka

Paroled after serving time for a murder he didn't commit, Martel "Too Sweet" Gordone (Leon Issac Kennedy) decides to hang up his gloves and settle into a quiet home life with his girlfriend(Eugenia Wright). But Sweet soon finds that life on the outside isn't much easier than life in the "Big House".

His parole officer is a money hungry boxing promoter who expects Sweet to return to the ring as a condition of his parole, and Half-Dead, his old prison nemesis, is hot on his trail with an old score to settle.

When Half-Dead kills Sweet's girlfriend, he summons the courage to rebuild his life by battling current welterweight Champ Jesse "The Bell" Amos back in the Penitentiary. Meanwhile, his brother-in-law (Glynn Turman) must continue to battle the advances of Half-Dead and his two henchmen, who have vowed to destroy his remaining family.

Working with MGM/UA, film-maker Jamaa Fanaka wrote, directed, and produced this big-budget sequel to the hugely successful Penitentiary, and gave Mr. T (playing a noble boxing trainer) his major screen appearance.

Price: $14.99 [DVD]

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