Starring: Halle Berry, Jasmine Guy, Tim Daly, Danny Glover, Ossie Davis, Raven-Symone, George Grizzard, Ann-Margaret, Patricia Clarkson, Dennis Haysbert, Lonnete McKee,
Martin Sheen, Victor Garber, Madge Sinclair, Sada Thompson, Elizabeth Wilson, Paul Winfield,
Director: John Erman, Hal Galli

There are two sides to every story, the saying goes. For Alex Haley, one side was Roots, the towering chronicle tracing seven generations of his mother's family. The other side comes to the screen in Alex Haley's Queen, the remarkable history of the paternal side of the author's family.

David L. Wolper (Roots, The Thorn Birds) is executive producer of this acclaimed adaptation of the story Haley was working on when he died. Halle Berry plays Queen, daughter of a slave (Jasmine Guy) and a plantation owner (Tim Daly). During the turbulent decades of the antebellum South, the Civil War, Reconstruction and beyond, she searches for a home in the two cultures of her heritage -- and at times is shunned by both. Rejection and hate are no match for her unconquerable will, however. Ann-Margaret, Danny Glover and Ossie Davis are also among the many stars of this poignant, uplifting final chapter of the Haley legacy.

Price: $19.99 [DVD]

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