Starring: Antonio Pompeo, Zezé Motta,
Toni Tornado, Vera Fischer
Director: Carlos Diegues

QUILOMBO, Carlos Diegues' historical saga, is a stirring fusion of folklore, political impact, and dynamic storytelling, realized in vibrant tropical colors and set to the pulsing beat of Gilberto Gil's rhythmic musical score.

The story derives from fact: in 17th century Brazil, groups of runaway black slaves escaped to mountainous jungle strongholds, where they formed self-governing communities known as quilombos.

Like Alex Haley's ROOTS, this film chronicles Palmares, the most famous of these "Black Eldoraros" whioch flourished for several decades under the reign of the legendary chieftain Ganga Zumba.

Price: $24.99 [DVD]

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