Random Acts of Violence

Random Acts of Violence

Starring: Mack 10, Chyna, Jaih Baxter, Jason Morck,
Nina James, Sid Burston, Paris Washington
Director: Kantz

When crime hits, you hit back!

When hardcore gangsta Isaiah Knight is faced with taking care of his mother and sister, he leaves his gang, the Platinum Playaz, and goes legit. Knight starts a club and the Playaz see it as the perfect place to make a major drug score, and try to sway Knight back into their world. Desperately wanting to stay out of the gangsta life,, Knight terminates the Playaz' deal. The Playaz' new leader, Lynch decides Knight should pay, and sets up a bloody ambush that kills Knight's mother and sister. When Lynch escapes prosecution Knight explodes. Now the former Playa wages an all out war for justice and will stop at nothing to end his former gang's Random Acts of Violence!

Price: $14.99 [DVD only]

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