Revolving Door


Has anyone ever looked at the judicial system, in the eyes of an ex-felon? Has anyone explained the rights a human being, growing up in the so-called hood, across the country? Has anyone ever talked to and went into the minds, of a predicate felon? Why he or she keeps committing the same crimes? This film will allow you to witness that and more.

We'll talk to average citizens and hear their opinions. Also, ask where does the initial problem start and if there's a solution. Do you think the enviornment that they were raised in plays a part? Are there enough programs out here for ex-felons, to succeed? It will give everyone a chance to get their topics off their chest.

Ex-felons on parole talk about life being released and the problems of getting employment. We will ask them, if they were prepared in prison prior to being released back on the streets properly.

The documentary is designed to have American people be informed of the problems of the inner city and judicial system. Also give insight of the stop and frisk policy. It will give viewers a chance to see that every ex-felon isn't a common thug. This film will basically try to give various conclusions to what society can do to try to stop the cycle.

Price: $14.99

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