U-God: Rise of A Fallen Soldier

The Real Truth Behind the Wu-Tang Clan: Bonus CD Sampler of all new music from U-God.

Director: Jagwar

For the first time, hear the true story behind the rise and fall of hip hop's most successful and notorious rap group, the the Wu Tang Clan. In "Rise of A Fallen Soldier", U-God, one of the pioneers and original members of the group gives a rare account of the drama that has and always will surround the Wu Tang Clan. Is the Wu Tang Clan broken up? Will they ever do another album? Where did all the money go? Uncensored and uncut, "Rise of a Fallen Soldier" answers these and many more highly controversial questions as U-God give an exclusive introspective look into his world and his estranged fellow group members. This is a classic for any hip hop head.

Special Features:

  • CD Sampler of all new music from U-God not available elsewhere.

  • Freestyles by the Hillside Scramblers.

  • Over 20 minutes of deleted scenes.

  • Enter the 36 Chambers featurette.

  • Behind the scenes featurette and more.

Price: $14.99 [DVD only]

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