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Starring: Nelly, Dean Winters, ZoŽ Saldana,
Sam Jones III, J.D. Williams, Schoolly D, Charli Baltimore
Director: Rich Murray

Set in the mean streets of Philly, Snipes is a journey through the dark side of the rap industry and an underworld of hustlers, thieves and killers who'll do whatever it takes to stay on top of the game. Snipes features powerhouse performances by Nelly, Dean Winters (HBO's 'Oz'), Sam Jones III (TV's Smallville), ZoŽ Saldana (Crossroads), and J.D. Williams (HBO's 'The Wire'). The film also features dynamic supporting roles from gangsta rapper Schoolly D, movie gangster Frank Vincent (Goodfellas), and rap diva Charli Baltimore.

Price: $24.99 [DVD only]

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