Stop Snitching

BY: Skinny Suge Records, Underground and One Love Films

Money and Power don't mean shit if you're not respected. End up dead, shot, or snitched on Fucking around in the game. People are only concerned with two things, who you are and what you stand for, everything else is bullshit or just don't matter. The game that Hustler's run and the fiens who play it. STOP SNITCHIN. We tell the story from the peeps on the street. No bullshit earhustlers, jail interviews of mafuckers doing 500 years, niggas we talk to still walking the block. Shit is real on the street and the people need to know. First we hit with the DVD's showing niggas the truth can and will be told. This is our outlet, our voice, our reality, our life no film crews, studios, dress rehearsals, sound checks. This is the truth and now its time for certain muthafuckas to feel the pain from snitching in the game. We told you once..."STOP SNITCHING NIGGAS".

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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