Straight from the Projects: C-Murder

Straight from the Projects: C-Murder

Starring: C-Murder, Ice-T

Director: Stephen Belafonte

Straight from the Projects is a series about rappers returning to the gritty streets where they grew up. Rappers show you where it all went down in their hoods - from day one. You'll visit the legendary places that inspired the music, and you'll understand what the lyrics are all about. No sugar-caoting, no Hollywood sets, no scripts, just real on-the-streets action as it unfolds with one hand-held camera capturing the guns, drugs and violence that are part of everyday life.

C-Murder's music is all about where he grew up in the Calliope Projects 3rd Ward (CP3), one of the toughest projects in New Orleans. This is the flip-side of the Big Easy...not Bourbon Street, not Mardi Gras, just the mean streets where poverty, drug abuse and violence are epidemic. See his neighborhood uncensored: gunfire breaking out...children toting guns in their waistbands... as well as the warmth and love so vital to the neighborhood's survival and its hope for the future. You'll also be hanging out with C-Murder, going to project parties and to Rhythm City, the local night-club that inspired his music videos.

Seeing the neighborhood through C-Murder's eyes, following in his footsteps, is the only way to know the truth in his music.

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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