Street Life - The Director's Cut

Street Life - The Director's Cut

Featuring: Layzie Bone, Daz Dillinger, Bushwick Bill, Pimp'n Ken,
MC Eiht, Method Man, Prodigy, and more
Director: Dionciel Armstrong

One of the most controversial films to ever hit the streets! STREET LIFE documents the turmoil of life in Urban America.

See shocking accounts of war on the streets from those who survived it. Experience the devastation of "playas" in search of easy money who got nothing but hard times. Meet the high-priced "ho", the street corner hooker, and the pimp who gets it all.

Walk on Street Side with "Killa", Pimp Side with Pimp'n Ken and Miss Candy, Industry Side and Bad azz and Daz, and Family Side with MC Hammer.

STREET LIFE is both compelling and informative in its uncompromising portrayals of prostitution, drug culture and what they call "the Game", something most people don't survive, let alone win.

Price: $19.99 [DVD copy]

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