Starring: Dorothy Dandrige, Curt Jurgens

An Adventure as bold and Daring as the Casting!

A story of a revolt on a slave ship was actually around prior to the more recent Amistad but unfortunately, few seemed to have much interest in it judging from the limited distribution of this film when it first appeared in the conservative atmosphere of the 50's. It was actually banned in France. The objection of course, was the interracial relationship between slave ship captin Curt Jurgens and his slave mistress Aiche (Dorothy Dandridge). When a revolt occurs, Dandridge as a marginalized person tries to stay uninvolved, even though she has some attraction to the revolt leader Tamango. She is not really liked by any of the African captives as she has "given" herself to the white captain and is, of course, a slave to the white crew members. Curt Jurgens, as a Slave ship captain is obviously not the nicest person in the world but seems to have some genuine affection for Aiche, and treats her comparatively well. Aiche has supressed bitter resentment about her slave origins and treatment by former masters and still hopes for a possible better life with Curt Jurgens, even after she finds out he has plans to wed a white woman and live in Holland. However, when confronted he claims he will stay with Aiche and even make her a free woman. When the revolt begins she is forced to make a decision where her loyalties lie and tragedy occurs.

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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