Starring: Kevin Thigpen, Nicole Prescott, Seth Gilliam,
Ron Brice, Tracie Jade
Director: Goetz "Ghostly" Grossman

In the streets of Harlem, a man must choose his cause. For Curtis, it was a choice between love and the guns of revolution.

Small-time huster Curtis (Kevin Thigpen, Just Another Girl on the I.R.T., 12 Monkeys) and his reckless friend Tyrone (Seth Gilliam, Starship Troopers) pick a fight with some cops. Before Curtis realizes that one of them is his ex-girlfriend Tracy (Nicole Prescott, Malcolm X), the situation snowballs out of control. Curtis and Tyrone hijack the cops' patrol car and leave the cops stripped and stranded on the waterfront. But Tracy doesn't turn Curtis in, and he is determined to make it up to her.

Word of the incident reaches Jamal (Ron Brice, Clockers, Fresh), the militant "Robin Hood" of uptown. He and his lieutenant, a gun-toting temptress named Soledad (Tracie Jade), have been kidnapping rich white executives and giving the ransom money to the poor. Jamal is impressed with Curtis' bravado and wants him to join his army, but Curtis has no interest in causes that aren't his own.

With the police and Jamal closing in on him, and with the spectre of betrayal lurking around every corner, Curtis must act quickly, because the stakes in this game are higher than he had ever imagined.

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