That's My Mama - The Complete First Season

That's My Mama - The Complete First Season

Welcome to Oscar's Barbershop, recently inherited by Oscar's son Clifton. Clifton's got it made -- a successful business, luck with the ladies -- but he still lives with Mama. She rules the roost, and dispenses advice to everyone who will listen (ands some who won't). Clifton's sister Tracy, brother in Law Leonard, Friends Earl and Junior, barbershop regulars Wildcat and Josh -- no one is spared from Mam's wisdom. And they wouldn't have it any other way.

A hidden gem of the 1970's television comedy, "That's My Mama" was a highlight of the careers of Clifton Davis and Jester Hairston (both of TV's "Amen") and Ted Lange (Isaac on TV's "The Love Boat") and featured guest appearances by Tim Reid and Gordon Jump, both of whom went on to star in another 70's hit show "WKRP in Cincinnati."

Price: $29.99 [DVD only] 3 DISC SET

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