The American Dream

The American Dream: Earn It, Buy It, Kill For It.

Starring: Littles, Tradgedy Khadafi, Nas, Spiff Star, Busta Rhymes,
Puff Daddy, Baby Sham, Bone Crusher, Bravehearts, Mobb Deep

1. All Eyes on Me, feat. Kovon
2. Playa for Life, feat. Kovon
3. Are you my Nigga?, feat. Prodigy
4. Rider, feat. Kovon
5. the American Dream, feat. Chinky
6. In My LifeTime, prod. KLEPH DOLLAZ
7. Rolling Stone, feat. Kovon
8. Guerrilla Shit, prod. by Missile Dinero, for Best of the Block
9. You Know My Name, feat. Top Gunner, for Best of the Block
10. Both Worlds
11. Geee'd Up, feat. Top Gunner, Pirate, GunzzDeniro, Bandana, Littles
12. Verbal Genocide, prod. by Head Banazs

Price: $19.99 [2 disc set DVD/CD]

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