The Corner

The Corner


Director: Charles S. Dutton

Every city in America has a "corner". To parents, it's a place their children should avoid. To cops, it's the front line on what has become known as the "war on drugs". But to the addicts who go there, it's the most vital piece of real estate in their desperate day-to-day lives.

The Corner is based on the nonfiction book "The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood", by Baltimore-based journalists David Simon and Ed Burns. It presents the world of Fayette Street in West Baltimore, using real names and real events.

Acclaimed actor Charles S. Dutton, who grew up on the same East Baltimore streets, directs the miniseries, which chronicles the cycle of a year at the corner through the lives of 15-year-old DeAndre McCullough, his mother Fran, and father Gary, along with the lives of their friends, their enemies, and their neighbors.

Often at the forefront, sometimes in the background, but always present in their lives as the world of illicit drugs - heroin and cocaine - the need that fuels the business, and the business that fuels the need.

In this powerful, tense drama of personal struggle, while the story progresses, each episode focuses on a character or characters, as they fight for survival in an inner city where even the buildings they live in are clinging to life.

"The Corner" evolves, changes, challenges and transforms as it builds towards an ending that is so powerful and revealing, it could only be real.

Price: $21.99 [DVD only]

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