The Mack

The Mack

Starring: Max Julien, Richard Pryor,
Roger E. Mosley
Director: Michael Campus

Max Julien is The Mack, a sharp, smooth talking hustler who's back on the streets after five years in prison. Richard Pryor (Stir Crazy, Silver Streak) is his sidekick, Slim, who uses his wit to survive in the city and Roger E. Mosley (A Thin Line Between Love and Hate) plays The Mack's brother. They've got the brains, the muscle and the cool to take on the takers and to push out the pushers. It takes a street fighter to clean up the street. It takes The Mack and his pack to do it right! Packed with raw power, The Mack takes an uncompromising look at big city street life and survival. Don't miss the action, because the action never stops.

Available on Video and DVD

Price: $11.99 [VHS] $19.99 [DVD]

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