The Messenger

The Messenger

Starring: Fred Williamson, Cameron Mitchell,
Joe Spinell
Director: Fred Williamson

After a three year stint for burglary, Jake Turner (Fred Williamson) is released from an Italian prison to return to the sensuous arms of his lovely wife. But their lovemaking days are violently cut short when she is murdered by the Costa Nostra mob for her screw-up in a big-time drug deal. Jake swears revenge, vowing to nail every low-life who ever got near his woman! He launches a one - man crusade for justice that takes him from Italy to Chicago, Las Vegas and L.A. where he signature cigar... permanently! Co-starring Cameron Mitchell ( Buck and the Preacher) and Joe Spinell (Married to the Mob), this riveting nail-biter spits out one high-octane twist after, Exploding in a climax that is as awesome as it is outrageous.

Price: $14.99

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