The Other Side of Being a Gangster - Midget Molley

The Other Side of Being a Gangster - Midget Molley


Midget Molley breaks his silence and reveals the truth about the consequences of his actions in which he suffered in the most notorious Federal Penitentiary in America, USP Marion, the birth child of Alcatraz; Midget Molley who recently appeared on the front cover of F.E.D.S. Magazine, keeps it real and gives up the raw truth in this hard-hitting DVD interview that holds nothing back.

in 2009 Midget Molley appeared on B.E.T. American Gangster season three, episode three, and talked about what it was to be a gangster. He now returns to tell what the other side of being a gangster is like in this shocking DVD where he exposes the dark world, in which he lived, a world that shattered the image of Mr. Untouchable/Nicky Barnes, Frank Lucas, Rayful Edmonds, Alpo and the Teflon Don himself, John Gotti.

Price: $19.99 [DVD]

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