SMACK, vol.5 SMACK, vol.5

The Raw Reoprt: Hip-Hop in its Rawest Form ,2004. Vol II

DVD Magizine

Featuring: BHJ, D. Banner, Patchwerk, Jadakiss, Fabulous, Lil Scrappy, P$C, Stat Quo, Jaz-O, Chaka Zulu, Ice La Fox

Free Bonus DVD Inside

Bleu Davinci BMF Entertainment

  • JadaKiss: Why? - Interscope? Bush? Puff?
  • BG-Former Hot Boy: Bird Fed by Baby
  • Jae Millz: Battle Mc, On the Front Lines
  • Jaz-O: Some Words for Jay-Z
  • stat Quo: Shady Aftermath's Newest Member from Atl
  • Ice La Fox: Porn Star
  • Miskeen to Meezan

Price: $14.99 [DVD only]

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