Third World Cop

Third World Cop

Starring: Paul Campbell, Mark Danvers, Carl Bradshaw, Audrey Reid, Winston "Bello" Bell,
Desmond Ballentine also known as NinjaMan, O'Neil Bryan also known as Elephant Man, Andrew Reid also known as Nittie Kutchie, Devon Douglas also known as Angel Doolas
Director: Christopher Browne

Third World Cop is set in the edgy, mean streets of modern day Kingston, Jamaica and stars Paul Campbell (Dancehall Queen, The Lunatic). Audrey Reid and Mark Danvers (Dancehall Queen) and Carl Bradshaw (The Harder They Come). Capone a star crime fighter is transferred back to his hometown where he is reunited with his friend Ratty, who is the right hand of the notorious local don.

Torn between their obligations and their personal histories, each man offers the other the chance to make a change. Unwilling and ultimately unable to alter the course their lives have taken, the movie follows Capone and Ratty to a tragic and violent finale.

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Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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