True Confessions of Pimps and Ho's #2

True Confessions of Pimps and Ho's #2


Part 2 in our series. See How and Why "Prostitution is the oldest profession known to man. This series goes far beyond "Taxi Cab Confessions". You'll see everything from Cheap Tricks to $10,000 a night hookers. These Black Beauties will shock and arouse you as they expose the inside secrets of the trade.

You'll see Ups and Downs of the Pimps and Johns, what kind of sex they like, and how far they would actually go for money. As Seen On Tv publicized and authorized, this film is fast, erotic and out of control. The most Experienced and Hardcore Pimps and Hos revealing their most private secrets:

"My Daddy was a Pimp, his Daddy was a Pimp and his Daddy's Daddy was Pimp.
"We talkin bout' Big Pimpin, Big Pimpin, baby...Four Generations Strong!"

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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