Vampire In Brooklyn

Vampire In Brooklyn

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett
Kadeem Hardison
Director: Wes Craven

Eddie Murphy's got the bite stuff in this movie mix of bone chilling horror and chill out comedy directed by Wes Craven. As the vampire Maximillian, the popular star is the most diabolical, dashing and definitely undead dude in the Hood. To add to the macabre fun, Murphy morphs into two other must see characters: a paunchy preacher and a fast talking thug. Angela Bassett (Waiting to Exhale) plays the cop whose world is rocked by Maximillian's attempts to make her his mate for eternity. And Kadeem Hardison ("A Different World") is the haplessly decaying vampire's sidekick who is forever losing things. Brooklyn may be home to the undead now that Max is around - but that means it's livelier than ever.

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