Whatz Really Hood

Whatz Really Hood Vol 1

Presented by Ice Cold Digital - Extreem Entertainment

Starring: Bonds, Shea Davis, Q-Life, H-R-F, Guess, Dread Int'l, Da Drunk Rapper, Extreem Rap Battle, Sexy Hood Girl Video, Aquia

Ice-Cold Digital gives you what you really want...Raw uncut Street shit!! And we give it to you. 2 FULL HOURS of the hottest underground rappers right from da hood. Also we give you a store in da hood that gives you great deals on what you like to wear. Another treat is the fly sexy honey we have at the back of every DVD... Your screen may melt with the hot shit you about to see... Check it out...

Price: $14.99 [DVD only]

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If you thought Whatz Really Hood Vol 1 was hot, then you'll love Whatz Really Hood Vol 2

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