Zoo, the movie


Growing up in the city of Newark, New Jersey as teen, Terrence "Mustafa" Dent stayed on the straight and narow until he succumed to the lure of easy money in the streets. He later became the founder and leader of the Zoo Crew drug ring, a group that laundered its drug proceeds through a series of businesses inthe city's south ward. After years of posing as a respectable merchant, the tragic and questionable shooting of a pregnant young woman by police had a life changing impact in Terrence's life. Unexpectedly, he found himself acting as a community organizer spearheading rallies and appearing before the city's Mayor to complain about police brutality. Seeing the positive influence he had on organizing the community, he realized the good in uplifting his community instead tearing it down. .

As Terrence struggled to make the transition from the leader of a major drug ring to a civic leader and activist, he was met with resistance from his younger brother and other Zoo Crew members who vowed to remain a criminal empire. Terrence became a changed man, but was still considered the leader of the city's most dangerous drug ring. Once authorities mounted a crackdown on the Zoo Crew, Terrence's past caught up with him forcing him to face the consequences of his past actions.

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